Vision & Mission


  • Becoming a supplier of high quality COLD-PRESSED Black Seed Oil, largest and outstanding in Penang and throughout Malaysia.

  • Competitive with overseas producers and can penetrate the Export Market.

  • People Friendly – Produce Affordable Products for all income groups.

  • Creating a healthy supplementary diet without chemicals for the health of the body and production with the concept of “Fresh Extraction Order” (Order to make).


  • Process Black Seed according to the needs and tastes of consumer.

  • Various Products that use Paste, Seeds and Black Seed Oil.

  • Re-introduce the benefits of Black Seed to consumers through Exhibitions and activities of FAMA, PERDA, MARA, IAT and State Government Bodies.

  • Become a supplier and create revenue opportunities to online and retail businesses.

  • Obtain all Certifications to further strengthen the trust of users. (MeSTI, Halal, GMP, HACCP etc ..)